Zodiac Vodka Featured At This Weeks Wine Down Wednesday

VODKA drinkers take note. If your go to drink is a vodka cranberry or you’re a little more sophisticated and like your vodka martini’s shaken or stirred; the common ingredient in a great cocktail is the quality of the Vodka you put in it. The stars aligned and a local manufacturer created the purest high quality vodka and bottled it right here in the U.S.A.  Zodiac Vodka is made from 100% local sourced ingredients and Idaho’s finest potatoes. The quality of Zodiac Vodka is so pure that it only needs to be filtered once and is 100 % GMO free and naturally Gluten-Free.  If you’re looking to up your cocktail game, adding Zodiac Vodka to your drink of choice is #WorthDoing. Where To Purchase Zodiac Vodka


Sample Zodiac Vodka At Ember Orlando

Zodiac Vodka is the featured sponsor for this weeks #WineDownWednesday at Ember Orlando. You’ll have the chance to sample their vodka and see what all the fuss is about. And believe me…it’s #WorthDoing. The original Zodiac Vodka is on point and will kick your signature vodka soda with a twist of orange up a notch.  Recently they’ve expanded their brand bringing the flavor of delicious black cherry into the mix.  Want a taste? There will be a featured Zodiac Vodka drink available for purchase during #winedownwednesday this week.  Curious to see what Zodiac Vodka and Whats2hot have up their sleeves?  RSVP to this weeks (ALL NEW) Wine Down Wednesday At Ember Orlando. Everyone who RSVP’s gets BOGO entry.  First 50 people to show up with RSVP get in FREE!


WHO: Zodiac Vodka

WHERE: Ember Orlando

WHAT: Wine Down Wednesday Sampling

WHEN: Wednesday, October 7th. 5pm-9pm


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