For Sale: Venue 578 In Downtown Orlando

Looking to invest in some downtown commercial real estate?  You’re in luck.  After 23 years the owner of Venue 578, Jan Harrold has decided to put the old Firestone location up for sale for a steal.  For just $850,000 you can be the proud owner of one of Orlando’s hottest music venues. Hailed now as one of the “freshest nightclubs in the world” by Billboard Magazine and The Rolling Stone, Venue 578 has fabricated a legendary roster of National and International acts such as Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Indigo Girls, Snoop Dog, Ice T, not to mention some of the greatest chart topping DJs from around the world. 

“It’s a steal at that price, because I just want to sell it,” says Harrold, who is looking to retire. “It’s just time to say goodbye to it.” He says he made the decision last week and has been approached by several potential buyers.

Owner Says After 23 Years It’s Time To Let Go Of Beloved Music Venue

Harrold has owned the property located on the corner of East Concord Street and North Orange Avenue for the past 23 years changing it from a Firestone Tires store to a nightclub. Jan Harrold emphasized that the property is not for sale, only the venue. If you’re worried that another beloved music venue is going to be transformed into an unwanted chain restaurant, Harrold has no interest in letting Venue 578 die. He is adamant that the location remain an entertainment venue. When asked if he would accept $1 million for a restaurant to move in, Harrold replied: “No. They couldn’t give me 20 million.” The $850,000 asking price includes the club’s liquor license, which Harrold says is valued at $350,000.