Orlando bartenders get Adventurous with Collingwood Whisky + Crooked Can Brewing

Nothing beats a beautiful day in Orlando at Lake Eola. At least that’s what we thought until we hung out with Michael Ring (Collingwood Whisky) and Joshua Sullivan (Crooked Can Brewery) for a Bartender’s Brunch  at Relax Grill & Bar.

This event is a part of a new networking event that takes place for bartenders/ service industry once a month. Every month the venue, drinks, and fun factor is different. Ranging from Swan Boat rental at this event to arcades.

Local Bartenders, Sign Up! It’s Free and You get first dibs on events: www.orlandobartendersbrunch.com

Collingwood Whisky is smooth delicious whisky made in Canada. It is flavorful and sweet, due to it’s Toasted Maple stave finish. Basically allowing it to soak up color and flavor from the wood.

If you see at a bar it goes great with any typical whiskey mixer but chilled and shot straight up is our go to.

We are gung-ho on supporting our local businesses and when it comes to local and beer our favorite brewery is Crooked Can Brewing (Winter Garden).  The brewery itself is awesome: it was built in attachment to a indoor “farmers market” feel with various food and knick kack vendors.

Josh brought three awesome brews that can be found outside of the brewery: The High Stepper IPA, Mr. Tractor Kolsh, and (attendees favorite) Cloud Chaser Hefeweizen.

Make sure to keep an eye out for more events by Orlando Bartender’s Brunch by visiting the website www.orlandobartendersbrunch.com

Always adventure responsibly.