The Milk District: More Than Tasty Tuesdays

If you’re a serious foodie, undoubtedly you’re familiar with Tasty Tuesday’s; Thornton Park’s weekly roundup of the best Orlando food trucks (go to Tasty Tuesday’s Facebook page for the rotating roster). Regulars include mobile eateries and pun aficionados like BAD AS’S SANDWICH, SwedeDISH Food Truck, and Holy Schnitz Food Truck but there are more reasons to pay a visit to this area outside of Tuesday’s from 6-10pm.

Named for its proximity to the T.G. Lee Milk factory, The Milk District is eclectic personified. Happy hour visitors can enjoy spots like The Drunken Monkey (, a self-proclaimed college town coffeehouse, and shop nearby at Retro Records ( or Etoile Boutique (


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There’s plenty of unique and delicious eats every day of the week. District adjacent sits Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria ( Pom Pom’s menu offers items a swollen liver could only dream of–like the Billy Chang, a smoked brisket, blue cheese, strawberry jelly, and red onions Frankenstein-which. To their credit Pom Pom’s opens after 10am and remains open throughout the night, keeping the lunch, brunch and after 3am crowds happy.

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Those looking for a good time after hours hunt for parking on Robinson or Graham St and take their pick of three of Milk District’s most popular bars. The eponymous Milk Bar Lounge (TheMilkBarLounge) serves up ten craft beers on a seasonal rotation and over 60 bottled selections.

Bull & Bush ( is the oldest authentic pub in Orlando, serving craft imports and a UK vibe. Their “pub grub” includes Scotch eggs, cottage pie, and of course, fish and chips. Bull & Bush is more than just a British import and visitors can participate in weekly trivia contests as well as a dart league.

Eight pool tables, shuffle board, ping pong, skee-ball, arcade style basketball hoops, and countless board games fill every inch of the Sportstown Billiards bar (Sportstown Billiards). Sportstown is perfect for groups or couples looking to do more than just sip beer and shout their conversation over loud music. They have a beer fitting everyone’s taste or wine for the rest, not to mention daily andightly specials.

With all of this going on all week, it’s no wonder some Orlandoans never quite find their way downtown.