Margarita Day Party!

Tequila? Check. Lime? Check. Salt? Check. Tacos? Check. The funnest National Margarita Day party ever? Check!!! Get ready to get limey. Everyone’s favorite dive bar on Orange Ave, the Lodge, is starting the night off with a celebration to remember— or not! If you are looking for a fun evening that won’t break the bank, read on! Your night is about to head down south of the border, in the best possible way.

Each party guest will get two drink tickets for El Jimador tequila cocktails and will receive featured pricing on El Jimador all night— be prepared to tear down a wall of drinks, bad hombres! Oh, and the best part? Gringo’s Locos (venerated Orlando taco, burrito, and chalupa slingers) will be catering the event, with FREE FOOD for customers! This is your chance to have the saltiest (Or sweetest) night you’ve had in a while. The revolution will have tacos, and they will be free.


I mean, you could make margaritas at home to celebrate National Margarita Day. You’d have to go to the grocery store AND the liquor store, and you’d have to wash dishes afterwards. Oh, and you’d have to create the party atmosphere yourself… That seems like a whole lot of effort, though. Plus, there isn’t anywhere to hang the piñata. And no free tacos.  Wouldn’t you rather kick it with some of Orlando’s most dedicated partiers and Margarita aficionados, and let someone else take care of the work and preparation? Of course you would.

So, head on over to the Lodge on Orange Avenue downtown on February 22nd, 7-9 pm, for the coolest fiesta here in O-Town! The best company! Free entry into the event! Free drink tickets! Free Gringos Locos! It’s gonna be lit! Give yourself a reason to say “Ando bien pedo!”