Introducing my new best friend, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select


It seems only fitting that I, a long time devoted Jack Daniel’s whiskey drinker steps up to the plate to give you the details on all that is Jack Daniel’s limited edition Sinatra Select. First question I had was “Why of all the celebrities did Ol’ Blue Eyes deem fit to be featured in such an exclusive way.  Turns out it isn’t just to boost sales of a new product. Seems Frank was and had always been a Jack Daniel’s kind of man.
Thankfully the days of Sinatra were not that long ago and doing some digging (ok fine I primarily went to but I swear I read up on other blogs and such as well) I found who brought this awesome duo together, Frank’s confidant, Jackie Gleason. 


“And as the story is told, it was sometime in the 1940s. Jackie and Frank were sitting together at a bar in New York City. Frank was forlorn – over a woman – and was sharing his troubles with Gleason. Frank informed his good friend that he was in need of a “serious” drink. Turning to Sinatra, Gleason responded “Jack Daniel’s. That’s a good place to start.” And the rest, as they say, was history.” -taken from Jack Daniel’s website.



Jack Daniel’s the way Frank Sinatra preferred it. Three rocks of ice and two fingers of Jack.

Frank Sinatra was quite particular about how he drank his Jack. For starters, only a traditional rocks glass would do. In it he would place three rocks of ice, two fingers of Jack and a splash of water. And he wouldn’t drink it immediately after it was poured. He liked to let the drink sit for a bit for the flavors to blend. Sinatra also loved to hold his drink with his right hand. He often cupped the glass from below, with a cocktail napkin, preferably a linen one. Like we said, he was particular.
The goal with Sinatra select was simply to make a better Jack Daniel’s. The formula isn’t changed, the difference is primarily in one minor but very important aspect, the surface area of the charred barrel is double by vertical rivets inside the barrel itself. Since the color and flavor of Jack Daniel’s comes primarily from this in-house barrel, the increased surface area of wood to char allows the liquid to amplify flavor.


Rivets for increased liquid to wood surface area. If the wood/ char make the flavor … and you double that… you get Jack Daniel’s x2 aka Sinatra Select. 

Boom that easy. More surface area in a painstaking process. Add a little anal retentive Jack Daniel’s traditional whiskey process, some clean branding and POOF… Sinatra Select.
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select is available in limited amount at liquor stores (try Total Wine) and various high end water holes/ restaurants. Bottles start at $150.00 but for avid whiskey/ JD drinkers I can tell you it is worth the investment.




Want to try Sinatra Select? Corona Cigar Co (Lake Mary, Downtown, Sand Lake/ Dr. Phillips) has the cure to what ails ya.







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