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What could be better than supporting locally owned businesses? Try getting a discount while doing it.  With the one time purchase of HomeGrownFla’s localize it card you get a discount not available to anyone else every time you go into some of your favorite local spots.  Let’s face it, if you’re downtown already, why wouldn’t you want to save money? It’s even likely that the card will pay for itself from your first discount. 


With the bigger picture in mind, several studies have shown that rather than supporting a nationally owned business, when you buy from a locally owned business more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms.  This strengthens the economic base of the community.  It’s all about supporting those rooted around you.  Also keep in mind that where you shop, eat and have fun makes your community home.  Our unique businesses are a key part of the distinctive character of where we live which creates the unique culture. 

If you’re concerned with the environment, locally owned businesses tend to buy more locally.  Which in turn means we are cutting down our carbon footprint.
The boys of Hgf are making it easy to feel like your doing the right thing.  Here’s what their all about.

A message from the “local guys”:

The “Locals Card” grants the user discounts at local, Florida-owned
businesses that we have in our network. It also grants them access to a
special page on our website that contains products from Florida
businesses. The purpose of this project is to help Orlando rediscover its
“local identity” that has all to often been smothered by the conception
that it is only a “tourist trap”. Orlando has an abundance of unique,
independently owned businesses and we want to help support them.

Local places to use your Locals Card:

  • The Other Bar
  • Frank and Steins
  • Harry Buffalo
  • Don Jefe’s
  • Trend Studios
  • Subu Crossfit
  • Stagger Inn
  • Lauren Nicole

For more information or to purchase this MUST HAVE discount card along with HGF merchandise, visit:
Website: www.homegrownfla.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/homegrownfla
Cost $24.95

Go ahead, Localize it!