Goodbye, Travis!

A parting ways show for Travis of My Hotel Year and Inkwell at Will’s Pub


How did you spend the early aughts? If you’re anything like me, you were dying your dramatically side-parted hair black, getting pierced at the mall, and going to hardcore shows around Orlando. While our emo glory days are long gone, and we no longer have to worry about our parents grounding us and not letting us see our paramours, our memories still remain in the form of tattoos, stretched out earlobes, and our undying love of catchy, emotionally-driven pop punk. Orlando’s very own My Hotel Year was a local favorite before the band parted ways after releasing their second record.

Fast-forward about ten years later, and Travis Adams of My Hotel Year is leaving the city of Orlando for Seattle. All of his musical projects have been hugely impactful on Orlando’s music scene, from My Hotel Year, Inkwell, and Field Kit, to his work with Band Marino and Country Slashers. Travis has remained a legend during his time in Orlando.

Will’s Pub is hosting a farewell show for Travis tonight, and he will be playing songs from all three bands he has played with during his life in Orlando. While many bands and artists eschew the emo label, I for one will vouch for its impact on our lives as teenagers growing up in Orlando and its surrounding suburbs. With all its angst, there is some real, heartfelt impact in some of those riffy, power chord heavy anthems. I think we can all appreciate My Hotel Year, Inkwell, and Travis Adams for his enthusiasm, dedication, and musicianship and all that has contributed to the vivacity of Orlando’s local music scene.

So, come out to Will’s Pub tonight to say farewell to Travis and to show support for all he has done for Orlando’s music community!