Cosmic Cosmo

The Cosmic Cosmo is a variation of the drink popularized by Sex and the City, and comes to us from Jessica, (no not Sarah Jessica!), a local bartender from Will’s Pub, who was willing to share her personal special occasion favorite, or as a pick-me-up (for weekends and times such as these).  It substitutes cranberry kombucha for cranberry juice. It’s a gentle introduction to the next four years, with a subtle salute to science.

1.5oz Vodka

.5 oz triple sec

.25 (or a quarter of a lime, squeezed) oz lime juice

30z cranberry kombucha (we used GT’s Cosmic Cranberry)

2 slices and 1 wedge of an orange

Mix all the ingredients together, over ice, except the orange, (if you don’t have a cocktail shaker,  use a mason jar with a lid), shake,  and then strain ( use the lid to keep the ice out your chilled martini glass). For our recipe, the triple sec adds a good amount of sweetness, but squeezing a little orange juice, (the orange wedge), at the end, gives it an extra kick.

To make the saturn garnish:

Cut two consecutive rings, of an orange.

Use the smaller ring as the bands of saturn, and cut out the fruit part, from the middle.

Squeeze the bands around the bigger, fruitful ring, slice, and adorn your glass.