Breaking All The Rules! Dating Done Wrong?


Dating can be fun but usually it’s an awkward and frustrating experience.  The Love and Relationship section is full of people who have capitalized on the fact that you can’t seem to get a date or get a guy to approach you in a social setting.  The rules and regulations for us ladies are endless and haven’t seemed to change over the decades of technology, smart phones, and social media etiquette   As the woman you’re suppose to play shy and demure, wait for the man to come to you, let him give you the compliments, don’t call him, and he needs to pay for everything or he’s not interested.  Well my girlfriends and I think that’s just bullshit and we are willing to put our dignity on the line to help you cut the crap and get your guy.  


We think we’ve played by the rules for far too long and now it’s time that we get to breaking a few….or all of them.  Our goal is to go out and do EVERYTHING we have been told not to do and see if it works out. It could seriously blow up in our faces!  Either way you’ll be able to follow our every move with this tell all blog that posts every week. Think about it.  How many times have you been at a bar, club, or coffee shop, and saw someone, hoping that they would make a move.  Well stop waiting around sister!  We’re going to help you take control of your own love life.    


So this weekend our mission and we choose to accept it is to compliment men in such a way as they compliment us.  We will use all the direct and sometimes uncomfortable verbiage they use when approaching us.  Kind of a “see how they like it” kind of thing.  It should be interesting walking up to a guy I’ve never met and telling him his ass looks really good in those jeans.   Remember this theory has not yet been tested so please don’t use these ice breakers as a serious means of conversation.  We don’t want you getting your cute little asses laughed out of the bar. Let us do the dirty work for you.  We will tell you what works and what to avoid at all cost in our next blog post.  Till then. XO