BlocktoberFest is coming so it’s time to break out the lederhosen on Wall Street

Put on your lederhosen and Dirndls, enjoy a variety of German beer, and the best oompah music at Wall Street Plaza’s BlocktoberFest. This soon-to-be tradition is an event for beer enthusiasts and party-goers alike to do what American’s do BEST, celebrate foreign holidays that we know nothing about. However, you have to agree that what we lack in holiday knowledge we sure do make up with holiday spirit! As the first official Downtown Orlando Oktoberfest, Wall Street Plaza is teaming up with Schumann’s Jager Hous, The Lodge, Chillers, and MORE to host the best damn pub crawl you’ll ever attend.

Test your strength with a Stein Hoisting contest at 8PM & 10PM.


Several offers you won’t want to pass up include:

  • $20 all you can drink beer garden (Sam Adams OktoberFest & Rebel IPA) from 7PM-10PM.
  • $3 Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer all night.
  • $3 Jägermeister and “Shoot the Boot” with ice cold Jägermeister poured through a 3ft ice boot luge
  • FREE midnight Jägermeister toast with 100 shots available.

Test your strength with a Stein Hoisting contest at 8PM & 10PM. What is stein hoisting? Competitors will attempt to hoist a one-liter stein filled with Samuel Adams OctoberFest, with a straight arm, for as long as possible. If you sip, spill, or bend your arm, you’re out!

With live music, German food, and plenty of surprises along the way, BlocktoberFest is setting the bar high for upcoming years. Why wait for St. Patrick’s Day? Be one of the first to join on this, not so Irish, day drinking extravaganza with the rest of the Downtown Orlando community.