Bike Sharing Comes to Orlando

Orlando has seen some drastic and exciting changes over the past couple years.  With that change we’ve also seen an expansion in our transportation options, and this weekend you’ll have another one.  Bike sharing has become a popular trend in some of the bigger cities including New York, D.C, Miami and on Saturday Orlando Bike Share will be fully active.  Peter Martinez a Rollins college alum has been working on this project for the past 2 and a half years and it looks like this Saturday, January 3rd you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

You can rent a bike for $5 an hour from a company rack, and then return it to the same rack or another one owned by Orlando Bike Share when you’re finished. The best way to reserve your bike is to  go online at and sign up.  You can choose to have a monthly fee of $15 giving you 1hr a day or for $20 a month you can enjoy two hours.  By Sunday, Marrtinez expects to have 20bikes available at four major locations around the Orlando area.  Orlando Utilities Commision building on South Orange Avenue, near the fire station on Central Boulevard, the Farmers Market at Lake Eola and Central and by the SkyHouse Condo’s on Magnolia.

bike 2

Orlando Bike Sharing will benefit the city in so many ways.  Anyone who works downtown knows the frustration of finding a place to park and paying for parking at least 5days a week.  This will cut down your cost and give you a little exercise before and after you sit behind that desk.  And don’t discard the recreational options.  Sunday Funday Bike Style anyone? Grab a crew of friends and enjoy some Sunday Funday action.  Pedal yourself from bar to bar and enjoy this amazing florida weather while you get your party on.  Make sure while you ride you do so responsibly.