5th Annual Prom Party “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance”


The Basement is taking theme parties to a different level and is inviting anyone that enjoys a great night of dancing,  drink specials, and flawless  50’s or 80’s hair to come out and partake in the biggest theme party of the summer this Thursday night, August 15th.


The Basement is hosting the 5th annual Prom Party. This year’s event is flashing back to the 50’s and 80’s for a dual era themed party, entitled “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance”.


Hasslein Books (Publisher of “Matter of Time” and producers of “Back in Time”) has teamed up with The Basement in making sure that every detail of this event will portray some of the most amazing elements from the movie Back to the Future. Prom pictures in front of a 7ft clock, sliding across the dance floor to Johnny B Goode, finding your “density” at the themed diner, and if you are making trouble that night then you can just “make like a tree………and get out”!!!


Themed Drink Specials:

-Plutonium Shots
-Lightning Bolt Shots
-1.21 Gigawatts


Bar tab give a ways for “best dressed” contest for Prom King and Queen.

Mark your calendar this Thursday night, August 15th, we are taking you “Back To The Future”!!! Whoaa……this is heavy!