5 Events You Should Probably Not Miss While Wrestlemania is in Orlando

The Wrestlemania 33 storm is coming to Orlando this week (see full schedule of events here) and there are dozens of events happening because of it.

So get off your couch. Expand your horizons. Check out something #worthdoing that you may not have done otherwise. Trust me, you will thank us.

(Sun 4/2) The Hardy #BrokenTailgate Party  (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

This is a heavy action (think chairs flying and people screaming their heads up) in the middle of a huge block party packed with fans and non fans alike. Tickets are $30*  and include the entertainment and a catered lunch by Sonny’s BBQ). The block party takes place on Washington & Orange Ave connected to Saddle Up.

TEXT “W2H” to 25827 and you receive two entries + Sonny’s BBQ  for $30

The event kicks off at 11AM and will go on up until 6PM, an hour before WrestleMania starts on pay-per-view.


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Rap Icon WALE hosts a huge party for some of the biggest wrestlers in the biz and when in Orlando that party has to be hosted at Tier Nightclub (20 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801). Party with the stars | live performance by Wale!

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(Fri 3/31) Kaiju Big Battle Civil War

The future of the world is at stake with Godzilla sized monsters wrestling to save (or destroy) it. The cult following of these events is unreal. The photo tells it all. 100% worth the Google.

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(Sun 4/2) WWN Afterparty x Shake & Bass at Back Booth

On Sunday nights if you want to dance (and see butts) you bring your ass to Backbooth for SHAKE & BASS. When Wrestlemania is in town and you want to dance… well it only happens once and it’s going to be a SUPER SHAKE & BASS MANIA ATHON 5000.

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(Sat 4/1) Shenanigans VIP Party hosted by Kevin Nash

One of the biggest wrestling stars, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash (super bad ass) hosts a night of too many drinks and hopefully a close line or two. Basically one huge party where anything can (and will) happen.

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