Pledge Allegiance to Yourself

Today is National Pledge of Allegiance Day, commemorating its 71st year in circulation. And what better day to start talking about allegiances we pledge, than by starting with the ones we make to ourselves, and kick off the discussion of New Year’s Resolutions.

There are plenty of common resolutions, attempting to execute a general orderliness, cleanliness, intentionality to living. An enthusiasm to get things on track that may have gotten off in the last year, or over that accumulated over the past several.

One thing that adds up, is debt.

If you have credit cards that are gaining interest, and not in a beneficial way, you have a  few options to alleviate the accruement over 2017, and gain footing, while you pay them off without the pressure of your rising APR and BPI.

One option, is taking out a personal loan with your bank. Interest is generally lower than credit card interest when taking out a loan, and if you are only utilizing credit card’s revolving credit, this will add diversity to your credit management, which is an asset Credit Bureaus seek when calculating your credit score.

Another option is a balance transfer from existing credit cards. Cards generally will give you an introductory rate of 0% for anywhere from 12 months, up to 21 months. There may be a small fee associated, calculated according to the amount of the transfer. But once the transfer is made, you can make monthly payments, for the entire introductory period, without concern. It is important to pay them off in the allotted introductory time, and not bite off more than you can chew, as once that period is over, rates skyrocket. But a lot of worry energy, and money can be saved by sticking to a consistent payment plan.


Here’s a list of a few cards and banks offering an 0% introductory period of at least 12 months. They will calculate your credit, and offer you a accessible balance. (You generally cannot transfer a current balance to the same bank):

  1. Citi Diamond Preferred; 0% 21 months
  2. Chase Slate; 0% 15 months
  3. Amex Everyday cc from American Express; 0% 12 months
  4. Bank Americard; 0% 12 months
  5. Citi Simplicity; 0% 21 months
  6. Wells Fargo Platinum Visa; 0% 15 months